St. Joseph's College for Women, Alappuzha


The scintillating performance of its sportspersons has made St.Joseph’s College, Alappuzha proud, though it has other reasons to be in the limelight. Our Basketball team was the reigning champion for nearly twelve years in a row and many represented India too. In aquatics also St.Joseph’s made a remarkable name. Now we are really proud to have many international stars in canoeing kayaking and rowing.

Ten students represented India. Thara Kurien, Dittymol Varghese, Nimmy M, TShilpamol, Sisupalan, Bincymol B, Honey c Joseph, Justimol Joseph, Sheebamol A T, Nithya Joseph and Shalu Prakash won Gold, Silver and bronze medals in water sports events in International competitions. They represented India in Youth Olympics. Four students got qualified for the Pre-Olympics Camp. Ronymol Joseph recently represented India in the Asian Dragon Boat Championship in Thailand. Tara Kurian and Dittymol Varghese are in Hyderabad for Pre-Olympics Camp.

Nearly for twelve years consecutively, it was a golden period for St.Joseph’s as far as basketball is concerned. Powered by their mentor and leader, Dr Nimmy who was a basketball player in her heydays carried the passion all along to be bestowed to her students. Most of the years, they were the winners of All India Inter Varsity competitions. A large number of our players represented India often. Many of them are working in Indian Railways and Electricity Board now. Similarly in the filed of aquatics also we had a long successful stint.

Similarly in various other sports and games, i.e. in Table Tennis, Chess, Half Marathon, Boxing, Cross-Country Race etc St. Joseph’s won several prizes in the Kerala University Level Competitions. That too, by a College with a bare 1075 students!

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