St. Joseph's College for Women, Alappuzha

Principal's Desk

"What sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to the human soul", says Joseph Addison.We, at St. Joseph's College for Women, Alappuzha, are committed to the comprehensive holistic development of each student, so as to prepare, intellectually trained, morally upright, socially committed, and spiritually inspired individuals who would be pillars of the society, lights of the world, and makers of enduring homes. The educational philosophy of our foundress, St. Magdalene of Canossa, stressing the need to value "the benefit of education in the formation of the heart", underpins all our efforts.The academic and non-academic activities undertaken in the institution are geared towards this goal.
The distinguishing aspect of the college is a conductive, politics-free atmosphere for pursuing studies while providing the students with a value-based education, which would impart them with the necessary life skills.We believe that all the efforts put in would help them to develop confidence, poise and a strong value system, and make them truly empowered.Our highly skilled and reputed faculty members are committed to the overall nurture of each individual student, through effective tutoring and counseling.The rising graph of the results with each passing year bears testimony to the quality education provided by the college.
It is the dedication, cooperation and the concerted team work of the management, teaching faculty the non-teaching staff and students that make the college one of the premier educational institutions in the state, while the congenial atmosphere of love and respect that pervades here, makes it unique. 
The college strikes a balance between the traditional and the modern, incorporating the time tested values of the former and the highlights of the latter.  The college keeps abreast of the times by updating the infrastructural facilities to provide the students with the latest technologies available.  No stone is left unturned to instill social and emotional skills in the students, by providing various platforms to foster their social commitment and involvement.  Myriad opportunities to cultivate the artistic and creative talents of the students are made available, and our students stand in the vanguard of cultural activities in the district as well as the University.
Above all, St. Joseph’s College enjoys the ambiance of a large family, spreading its light and fragrance to the community around.  As the Principal of this august institution, I experience the joy of being, the contentment of concerted action, and the fulfillment of dedicated work.  This website would afford a glimpse into what constitutes St. Joseph’s, and our efforts in making our motto “Virtue and Knowledge” come alive!


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0477 2244622
0477 2244622