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St. Joseph's College for Women, Alappuzha, is a prestigious institution standing at the vanguard of higher education for women in Kerala.Set in the heartland of the historical town of Alappuzha, famed internationally as the Venice or Leiden of the East, the college is located in a central place easily accessible by road, rail and waterways. Envisioned by the International Congregation of Canossian Daughters of Charity, and established in 1954, the college which is affiliated to the University of Kerala, has been imparting value-based quality education as one of the well renowned Arts and Science Colleges in the region.Managed by the St. Joseph's Canossian Education Society, it upholds the precepts of the holy Foundress Magdalene of Canossa from Verona, Italy, who held that real value of education lies in the formation of hearts. True to its motto, Virtus et Scientia, (Virtue and Knowledge) the college makes it a point to impart liberal education based on secular, moral and spiritual principles with an idea to fashion a humane society spearheaded by its students, many of whom hail from the marginalized sections of the society, especially the coastal belt, who leave the ......

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Guiding Spirit

St. Magdalene of Canossa, the revered saint of Verona in Italy, casts the brightness of her spiritual aura on all the Canossian endeavours. St. Magdalene was a saint who had dedicated herself to a spiritual life and service to humanity. She became a true model to various young women and men who followed her to spread the message of God in distant parts of the world across several continents, under the banner of Canossian Daughters of Charity, Servants of the Poor (FDCC) and Canossian Sons of Charity (FDCC).

St. Joseph's College for Women is the only college and institution of higher learning under the banner of the congregation. Ralph Waldo Emerson says that "an institution is the lengthened shadow of one man". In this way, it is true that St. Joseph's College stands on the foundation built upon the precepts of a divine personage and encompasses all that is good and worthy of emulation in her teachings. St. Magdalene believed that the true thrust of Canossians educational mission lay in the "formation of hearts" and this is seen in the importance given by the college inculcating right morals and humane values in the young individual. Canossian sisters, who through ......

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Our Mission and Vision


To fulfil the vision of our foundress St. Magdalene of Canossa in the formation of hearts, we commit ourselves to form intellectually trained, morally upright, socially committed and spiritually inspired young women, especially the deprived and the marginalized, who will effectively contribute their share towards the building up of a better society grounded in the values of truth and love.  We take it as our bounden duty to provide an empowering environment that actualizes the potential of both teacher and learner, and to be a change agent in society and improve the quality of life for all stakeholders through constant pursuit of excellence.

OUR MISSION         

  • To form responsible citizens who will serve as role models to the society at large and be good home makers and builders of family. 
  • To provide an empowering environment that helps to actualize the potential and talents in both the teacher and the learner. 
  • To devote ourselves to the pursuit of excellence and the creation of values. 
  • To integrate the physical, social, mental and spiritual dimensions of human life. 
  • To profit from the synergy of teamwork and effective interdependence. 
  • To protect and promote the ethos of the community in which we live. 
  • To enable young women  to acquire the skills needed to adapt, achieve and thrive in an ever-changing global environment by ensuring access to quality education and training
  • To foster community morale and revitalize constantly the relationship with the community stakeholders 
  • To make a positive difference in the quality of life of all those who are involved in our educative mission

Principal's Desk

"What sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to the human soul", says Joseph Addison.We, at St. Joseph's College for Women, Alappuzha, are committed to the comprehensive holistic development of each student, so as to prepare, intellectually trained, morally upright, socially committed, and spiritually inspired individuals who would be pillars of the society, lights of the world, and makers of enduring homes. The educational philosophy of our foundress, St. Magdalene of Canossa, stressing the need to value "the benefit of education in the formation of the heart", underpins all our efforts.The academic and non-academic activities undertaken in the institution are geared towards this goal.
The distinguishing aspect of the college is a conductive, politics-free atmosphere for pursuing studies while providing the students with a value-based education, which would impart them with the necessary life skills.We believe that all the efforts put in would help them to develop confidence, poise and a strong value system, and make them truly empowered.Our highly skilled and reputed faculty members are committed to the overall nurture of each individual student, through effective tutoring and counseling.The rising graph of the results with each passing year bears testimony to the quality education provided by the college.
It is the dedication, cooperation and the concerted team ......

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Our Values


The motto of the college is Virtus et Scientia, i.e,Virtue and Knowledge.The college stresses the character formation of the individual as much as it does knowledge acquisition.


The values of the College, rooted in the teachings of Jesus Christ and in the heritage of the Canossian Daughters of Charity, an international congregation of missionary sisters., are the foundation for the College's educational mission. Taken to heart, these values exist at our very core; they are made visible in our daily interactions. Through a process of discernment based on dialogue and reflection, we designate the following as the Core Values of our College.


Rooted in the teachings of Jesus Christ and ......

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  • I am happy to extend my good wishes and prayerful support to the principal, teachers and students at St. Joseph's College for Women, Alleppey. May the path of Virtue and Knowledge lit my venerable M. Fernanda Riva continue to guide and strengthen each of you for years to come.

    Rev. M. Annamaria Babbini Congregational Leader
  • Let the pursuit of truth, knowledge and excellence be the special touch of all that happens at St. Joseph's College for Women, Alleppey. Let this noble endeavour of the Canossian Daughters of Charity, be a transformative experience that inspire all of us to live to our full potential. With great appreciation for all that this institution stands for...

    Rev. M. Margaret C. Peter FDCC, Manager
  • Lighthouse, sandy and expansive beaches, once busy but now dilapidated pier, and placid backwaters stimulate the wanderlust for the Venice of East, the growing tourist nest of the world. Capping glory of Alappuzha however is the stalwart lighthouse, St. Joseph’s College for Women, whose beams glow brighter and brighter under the tutelage of Canossian Daughters of Charity. As the years go by it has become the real glory and the enduring landmark of the city of Alappuzha. Innumerable lives of girls and women have been changed for the better thanks to the illustrious temple of learning. This alma mater continues to give birth to proud citizens of our nation, godly mothers and wives and the catalysts of change for a new world order of harmony and peace. Om Shanti!

    H.E. Rt. Rev. Dr. James Raphael Anaparambil, Coadjutor Bishop-Designate, Diocese of Alleppey
  • I am happy to know that a new website is being designed for St. Joseph's College for Women. It is indeed a good initiative. Therefore I wish all the best and God's blessings for this website and may the good Lord bless you all!

    H.E. Rt Rev. Dr. Stephen Athipozhiyil, Bishop of Alleppey
  • A nostalgic memory of the college gives me a feeling of what I am today and it defines my personality. It has been the institution of wisdom, knowledge and the powerhouse of my transformation.

    Dr. Tessy Thomas, Director, ASL, DRDO, Hyderabad (Alumna)

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