St. Joseph's College for Women, Alappuzha


(a) National Service Scheme (NSS) – Aims at fostering a spirit for social service and commitment. The unit undertakes several community development activities which instill a sense of responsibility and leadership skills in the students. Annual camps are organised where students take the initiative to provide service and support. Regular members who attend camps and complete the activities are eligible for Grace Marks.
Programme Officers: Dr. Bhagya. D,Ms. Nimisha. F

(b) National Cadet Corps (NCC) – Seeks to effect a holistic development of personality in the students through discipline, spirit of adventure and sportsmanship. The activities focus on motivating the students to develop into independent, responsible, selfless and courageous citizens. Highlights include parades, camps both at the state and national levels. Completion of ‘B’ and ‘C’ Certificate examinations is bonus qualification. Regular members who attend
camps and complete the required activities are eligible for Grace Marks.
Co-ordinators: Ms. Helency G,Ms. Febby Payva

(c) Women’s Study Unit – Targets the empowerment of women through awareness and sensitization programmes. The unit organises activities related to gender issues and looks into their legal, social, and economic aspects. Activities include skill-based training for self-improvement and awareness seminars.
Co-ordinators: Dr. P.S. Jothilekshmi,Dr. Blessy V.,Ms. Neethu Jose

(d) Human Rights Forum – Focuses on inculcating consciousness regarding legal knowledge and issues related to Human Rights. The students are exposed to activities that promote knowledge and necessity of Human Rights and to understand the issues and
consequences of Rights Violation.
Co-ordinators: Dr. P.S. Jothilekshmi,Dr. Suleena V.S

(a) Health Club — Organises health sensitization programmes and focuses on the enhancement of intellectual, psychological, spiritual and physical wellbeing of the students and the staff.
Co-ordinators: Dr. Bhagya. D,Ms. Helency.G

(b) Community Health Activity — The unit seeks to make the students aware of the health and hygiene of the community they are part of and to bring them closer to the social realities of the world they live in.
Co-ordinators: Dr. Bhagya. D,Ms. Helency.G,Ms. Sandhya A.K

(c) Sports Club – Focuses on physical training and encourages participation in sports and games. Yoga training is one of the major highlights of the unit. Other activities include indoor and outdoor games.
Co-ordinators: Ms. Helency. G,Ms. Jiby Abraham,Ms. Anjali George

(a) Nature Club – Promotes an eco-friendly attitude and spreads awareness among students on the need to conserve and preserve the environment. Activities include seminars, talks, discussions and visits to ecologically relevant spots.
Co-ordinators: Ms. Jicky Elizabeth Joshy,Ms. Sarika Sivakumar

(b) Wetland Club – Aims at conservation of wetlands and the environs of Vembanad Lake in collaboration with ATREE Foundation.
Co-ordinators: Ms. Oriel D’coutho,Ms. Remya James

(c) Bhoomithra Club – Seeks to inculcate anti-pollution values among the students by making spreading awareness and raising consciousness about environment pollution, its causes and remedies.
Co-ordinators: Ms. R. Nisha Nair, Dr. Diana K.J

(d) Science Club — The club seeks to enhance scientific knowledge and aptitude in students by exposing them to latest developments and issues in the field of science. Activities include discussion groups, seminars and invited talks, exhibitions, quiz and field visits
Co-ordinators: Dr. Rose Leena Thomas

(a) Cultural Forum – Provides a platform for students to discover and develop their latent artistic and cultural potential, and to introduce them to ethnic art forms. The forum is also in charge of screening programmes before staging.
Co-ordinators: Dr. Sandhya P.Pai, Sr. Usha Joseph, Dr. Divya.T, Ms. Nimisha. F,                         Ms. Helency. G.

(b) Literary and Reader’s Club – Aims to involve students in activities such as literary discussions, reviews, quiz and writing with a view to foster a love for literature and language.
Co-ordinators: Ms. Chithra. S, Dr. Anupama S. Varma

(c) Debate Club – Seeks to enliven and energize students by inculcating a spirit of constant questioning and reasoning, thus enabling them to open up their minds and engage in fruitful
discussions and debates.
Co-ordinators: Dr. Rejimol Jose, Ms. Divya Mary Varghese

(d) Media and Theatre Club – Focuses on presenting value-based films of contemporary relevance and to promote aesthetic sense for better appreciation and creative responses.
Co-ordinators: Ms. Mirium Xavier, Ms. Anjali George,Ms. Nimisha F.

(e) Entrepreneurship Club – Aims to encourage an entrepreneurial culture and to raise awareness of pursuing entrepreneurship as a career option. Activities include skill development sessions and interactions with industry experts.
Co-ordinators: Ms. Jini Mathew, Dr. Anju M. Neeliyara

The Bhoomitrasena Club of the college aims at creating awareness among students to protect and preserve the nature and natural resources, it also works with the intention to encourage the young minds to take up research to promote sustainable development.The club carries out various activities like observance of environmentally important days, seminars,exhibitions, field visits, various competetions like poster making, collage,pencil drawing, quiz etc. This year the club introduced eco- friendly pen bin in the campus to collect the used pens from the students for recycling.


Dr. R Nisha Nair and Revathy Lal
To improve histrionic, directorial and designing skills,promote aesthetic sense and create a critical bend of mind in students by staging plays and encouraging them to give creative Response to the same


Dr. Sheena George , Prof. Mary Geetha Leon, Dr. Sophia Mathew
Organizes seminars, talks and discussions to spread awareness among students on the need to protect the environment and to create and eco - friendly generation.


Prof. Roseline P.J , Dr. Newby Joseph, Prof. Remya James
To improve scientific knowledge in students, by making them part and parcel of science related activities such as seminars, exhibitions, study tours, and so on.


Dr.Smitha S L,Dr.Rose Leena Thomas.Ms.Jicky Elizabeth Joshy
Physical training being an important aspect of overall development, students are provided opportunity through sports and games for the same. The college facilities the participation of students in various sporting disciplines such as Basket Ball, Canoeing, Kayaking, Rowing, Swimming, Table Tennis, Shuttle Badminton, Kabbadi, Kho-Kho, Cricket, Cross country,Boxing and Chess, intramurally as well as at the Inter - Collegiate, University and National levels.


Dr. Nimmy Alexander, Major Agnes Rodriguez, Prof. Remya James
Aims at the integral development of personality, the building up of a sound character, moulding of courageous and disciplined youngsters, infusing in them a spirit of adventure, sportsmanship, motivating them in selfless service to the nation and training them to be worthwhile and useful citizens.


Ms. Helency G, Ms. Febby Payva
The NSS unit fosters a spirit of social service. It organizes camps to make the students aware of societal needs and provides opportunity and training to work for community development


Dr. Bhagya. D, Ms. Nimisha. F
To present value based films of contemporary relevance and to provide training in scriptwriting, shooting, editing and reviewing.


Dr. Nimmy Alexander, Dr.Sandhya P. Pai, Prof.Divya .T
The forum provides a platform for students to discover and develop their latent artistic and cultural potential.


Prof. Maryamma Joseph, Dr.Chitra N.R, Dr. Sandhya P.Pai, Prof. Divya.T, Prof. Anupama .S Varma
To enable students to be aware of the health and hygiene of the community of which they are part and to bring them closes to the social realities of the world they lin in, by making them part of community activities.


Prof. Lucy Sebastian, Prof. Tessy P. Xavier , Prof. Alice Thomas, Dr. Nimmy Alexander , Dr. Annie Thomas, Prof. Jollyamma Abraham
To create a climate al mutual respect, to protect the interests of the students, the adiministrative staff and the teaching faculty, to settle all issues of college within the campus itself, to create a litigation free society and an atmosphere of trust and home.


Prof. Elizabeth Lukose, Dr. Annie Thomas, Major Agnes Rodrigues, Sr. Usha Antonys
Aims at conservation of Wetlands and Vembanad Lake in collaboration with the ATREE Foundation.


Dr. Marykutty Abraham, Prof. R.Nisha Nair
To enliven and energetize the students by inculcating a spirit of constant questioning and reasoning, thus enabling them to open up their minds and engage in fruitful discussions and debates.


Prof. Mirium Xavier, Prof. Divya T, Prof. R. Nisha Nair
Yoga classes conducted for the enhancement of intellectual, psychological, spiritual and physical fitness of the staff and students


Dr. Nimmy Alexander, Ms. Jiby Abraham
Contact Number
0477 2244622
0477 2244622