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The department of chemistry was established in 1954 .Mrs.Saraswathy Nair and Sr.Genevieve Dissolve were the teaching faculties. B.Sc.Chemistry was started in 1957. The first batch of B.Sc.Chemistry students came out successfully in 1960. Despite the backwardness of the area, our students excel in the university examinations.

The year 1998-99 saw the inception of the U.G.C sponsored job oriented Degree course for clinical nutrition and dietetics, chemistry as one of the main subject.

The department transcends classroom teaching by reaching out to the community around through its numerous on going extension activities and projects undertaken.

Two fully equipped chemistry laboratories. Two balance rooms, one for B.Sc.Main students and the other for B.Sc.subsidiary students. Other facilities are :- Departmental library , Reading room , Computer with internet access, OHP, Electronic balance, Deionizer, Colorimeter, Air oven, Digital potentiometer, Digital conductivity cells..

Extension Activities of Department of Chemistry

Extension Activities of Department of Chemistry Yearwise

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Student Progression
  • Tthe  students of Department of Chemistry are going for higher education after the completion of their under graduate study. 


  • Most of the students opt Chemistry for their higher education. They are successful in getting admission to  universities such as University of Kerala, M.G.University, Cochin University of Science and Technology and KUFOS.


  • One of our students doing her PhD in JNCASR.


  • National Eligibility Test (NET) cleared students are also in our credit list.



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Physical Facilities

Department of Chemistry has two fully equipped chemical laboratories and two store rooms for keeping chemicals and glasswares. 

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Teaching Learning Methods
  • The department takes initiative to plan and implement the freight of work within a given time frame of the academic year.
  • In order to make the classes more effective, teachers use various ICT techniques like PowerPoint and OHP presentations, YouTube videos etc.
  • Demonstration methods (virtual lab, teaching using molecule models) are used by teachers.
  • Fully equipped laboratory and instrumental demonstration classes are given to students.
  • Remedial teaching and each one teach one program is conducted to monitor the slow learners.
  • To smoothen the learning process, students are divided into different groups and encourage the peer group study.
  • Language club, GK club etc are there to enhance the extracurricular knowledge of the students. And they renew the notice board weekly with these information.
  • Students get opportunity to apply the knowledge which they acquired from the theory classes in the labs and also by the activities like soap making, food adulteration tests, water analysis, science exhibitions etc.
  • Students are encouraged to participate in the national and state seminars conducted by different colleges and also department takes initiative to organize various seminars to make them aware of the recent development in the science field.
  • Industrial visits and on job training program are provided to equip the students to capable to meet the future requirements.
  • Students are enrolled in the online courses of genetics and general chemistry.
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  • In the academic year 2017-18, chemistry syllabuses for first-year Main and Complementary students were revised.
  •  Eight students with above 90% marks, fifteen with above 80%, one with above 70% got admission for the B.Sc. Chemistry course for the Academic Year 2017-18.
  •  Association of chemistry teachers conducted  (ACT) a meeting on 06-08-2016 at SD College to discuss about the newly introduced practical method ‘Double burette titrations’. Sr. Barakala Pushpa, Ms. Jicky Elizabeth Joshy and Dr. Sarika Sivakumar attended this meeting 
  • ISr. Pushpa attended a meeting regarding syllabus revision on 15th November 2016  at SN college, Kollam.
  • In the academic year 2015-16, application for starting PG in chemistry has been processed.
  • The new venture of Micro-Scale experiments in chemistry practical’s is a recent topic of University curriculum. In the academic year 2013-14,  Prof. Elizabeth Lukose and Sr. Pushpa Antony Participated in a workshop conducted at S.D College Alappuzha in connection with the restructuring of the practical.
  • In the academic year 2013-14, Microscale experiments were introduced for main and sub students.·.
  • In the academic year 2013-14, new syllabus as per University norms was introduced for Chemistry main students.


The world Ocean day Celebration

Department of Chemistry celebrated the World Ocean Day on 08-06-2018. Department of Chemistry celebrated World Ocean Day in association with JCI, Alappuzha and NCC unit of our college on 08-06-2018. Seminar on "Green Protocol" was conducted. As part of the programme, students of Department of Chemistry and NCC members cleaned the Alappuzha Beach. The main attraction of the event was honouring of Life Guards in the beach for their valuable service to the society.


The world Ocean day was celebrated by the department on 08-06-2017. The aim of the celebration was to find a solution for the plastic pollution in the ocean. Keep this in mind, we organized a cleaning programme at Alappuzha beach.  It was inaugurated by the Municipal Chairperson- Mrs.Carolina. Junior Chamber International (JCI), Alappuzha joined with us in this venture.

Chemistry Association inauguration 2017-18

“Chemistry Association” was inaugurated on 18/8/17 at 10 am. It was inaugurated by Dr. P. Manoj, Head of the Chemistry Department, Assistant Professor, St. Michale’s College, Cherthala and the function was presided over by our Principal, Dr. Sheena George. Dr. P. Manoj delivered a talk on “Renewable energy”. He explains the basics, working principle and importance of Inorganic and Organic solar cells.

Seminars & Workshops

Workshops, Seminars and Industry Academia Innovative Practices

YEAR 2012-2013

Importance of Recycling Industrial Wastes on Cashew Industry Perspective

On 14th September 2012, Department organized a seminar on “Importance of Recycling Industrial Wastes on Cashew Industry Perspective”. The talk was delivered by Mr. Vincent Vineeth Leon. He spoke about the importance of waste management and the role of recycling process of waste in cashew industry.

Waste to Energy

Ms. Dhanalakshmi.P.S was invited to deliver a talk on waste to energy on 14/09/2012. She conscientized the students about the adverse effects of waste created by the human activities to the environment. So it is necessary to reduce the production of waste or the conversion of waste into useful materials. In the seminar she mainly talks about the effective conversion of waste to energy.

Water Analysis

Water Analysis is the ongoing extension activity of the department. Our students got opportunity to implement their knowledge outside the campus through this activity.Two hundred and six samples of water were collected from Alappuzha locality and analyzed for different water quality parameters like pH value, fluoride, chloride iron and nitrate content.Also twenty samples were analyzed for coli form bacteria.

Soap Making

On 15/01/2013 students of Department of Chemistry were provided with an opportunity to apply in their real life what they studied in the class rooms by making soap and soap powder with cheaply available raw materials. Also they got a chance to showcase their talents to their parents in chemistry lab.

Food Adulteration

Food adulteration is severe problem which adversely affect the human health. Therefore Chemistry department conducted various tests to detect adulteration in many food stuffs on 12/1/13. Food adulterants like chromate in saffron powder, vanaspati ghee or butter, paraffin vax and hydrocarbons in ghee, brick powder in chilly powder etc. were detected

Milk Adulteration

Milk Adulteration tests were done in the chemistry lab on 8-1-13. Samples were collected from individuals and also milk samples of different companies were tested. Detection of micro organism in the milk like hydrogen peroxide, NaOH, sugar, starch, NaCl, detergents, neutralizers, Urea, formaldehyde, acidity and heat stability, mastitis were done.

YEAR: 2013-14

Green Chemistry its Genesis and relevance

Dr. T. Sreeja, Assistant Professor in Chemistry, T. K. M. M. College, Nangiarkulangara presented a seminar on “Green Chemistry its Genesis and relevance” on 07/02/2014. She conscientised the students on the use of reagents that are less hazardous to Human health and environment, designing processes which require lower energy consumption, recycling of chemicals, proper disposal of chemicals etc. 81 students  participated in this seminar.

YEAR : 2014-15

To enlighten the mothers of our students about to build a healthy relationship between mother and daughter and to build mentally strong women for the society, the Department focused on Women issues by keeping association theme as “Light the life of a Woman-Lift up the life of a family”. Department had planned to organize different Seminars on different issues handled by resourse persons who are efficient in those fields. The formal inauguration of the seminar series was done by Dr. Sr. Janat Augustine, Principal of St. Joseph’s College for Women, Alappuzha.

1)      Dental Fluorosis

Above 60% of the population of Alappuzha suffer from dental fluorosis caused by the high concentration of fluoride in the water bodies of Alappuzha. Dental fluorosis is a developmental disturbance of dental enamel caused by excessive exposure to high concentration of fluoride during tooth development. Department took an initiative to make alert mothers, who play direct role in bringing up children, of the dental fluorosis. Department, as the part of diamond Jubilee seminar series, invited all  the mothers of the students for the class and interactive session by Dr. Sushi Augustine BDS, alumnae of our department.

2)      AmmaAriyaan

Mr. LaluMalayil, President of JCI gave a heart moving for mothers on how to understand their adolescent daughters who are undergoing a sweeping change in the world which demands everything best from them. About 65 mothers actively participated in the seminar, clarifying their doubts and seeking solution to the problems which they are facing with their daughters.

3)      Makale Ninakai

On 10/12/14 department organized a motivational class for the students. Class was handled by Mr. Lalu Malayil, President of JCI. It was a great experience for all the students to recognize the tremendous sacrifice their mothers make for their well being.

4)      Food Adulteration

Prof. P.K. Ravindran, Rtd. form Maharajas college, Ernakulam had enlighten mothers on safety measures which they have to practice at home in preparing food.

YEAR: 2015-16

ESPLORO – ‘A Way to Research’

Ms. Minu Elizabeth Thomas, Research Scholar at Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayamand also our Alumnae was invited for the session "ESPLORO". Ms. Minu introduced the field of research to the students. After the class, many students were encouraged and motivated to undertake research in the future.

Motivational Talk by Alumna

SabhaSajeeb of 2013 chemistry batch was invited to give a motivational class on ‘How to improve learning process”. Sabha shared how she overcame the difficulties in the semester system of examinations as a degree student. She also gave study tips to students to prepare for the exam in the semester system. 

Seminar for the Mothers of First Year Students

A seminar named "Valsalyam" was organized by the department in collaboration with Botany and Home Science departments for the mothers of the first year students of Chemistry, Botany and Home Science. The resource person was Sri LaluMalayil. The seminar was so touching that the students reported that their mothers became more loving, warm and affectionate.

YEAR: 2016-17

1)      Symposium - ‘Protect ozone to promote life’

In order to celebrate the International Ozone Day, department organized a symposium Protect ozone to promote life on 27/09/2016. The programme was sponsored by Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment. The day was filled with enlightened talks of Prof. P G Philip, Rtd. Associate Professor of Marthoma College, Thiruvalla and Dr. RonyRajan Paul, Assistant Professor of CMS College, Kottayam. 

2)      Importance of Kandalkadu

Mrs. Amrutha, Executive of SEED, Mathrubhoomi gave a talk on the important of mangroves in protection of vulnerable coastlines from coastal erosion and also the protection of inland areas during storms and tsunami. The seminar was on 17/11/2016 about 50 students of our department and nature club members were participated in this. 

YEAR: 2017-18


Talk on "Renewable Energy"

department organized a talk as part of the inauguration of the Chemistry association on 18-08-17.Ø  Dr. P. Manoj, HOD, Department of Chemistry, St. Michaels College, Cherthala delivered a talk on ‘Renewable Energy’. He explains the basics, working principle and importance of inorganic and organic solar cells.

International Seminar “AMBIENTE 2017”

Department of Chemistry, St. Joseph’s College for Women, Alappuzha has organized AMBIENTE 2017 an International seminar on “Environment, Society and Economy”, on 18th and 19th December 2017.The International seminar was inaugurated by Prof. Thomas Hahn, Associate Professor, Stockholm Resilience Centre at Stockholm University, Sweden. Day 1 (18th December) of the International seminar was packed with two sessions. In the session I, we were fortunate to have Prof. Thomas Hahn as our invited speaker. He delivered a talk on Ecological Economics: Towards a green economy. This session was chaired by Dr. Susila Kuruvila, District coordinator, Kerala State Biodiversity Board and Former Head of the Department of Botany, St. Joseph’s College for women, Alappuzha. The second session was handled by Dr. Swaroop Sasidharan Pillai. At present he is working as Post Doctoral fellow at University of Guelph, Canada and formerly Post Doctoral fellow at University of Alberta, Canada. His delivered a talk on Spectroscopy-Change in molecule on light interaction and this session was chaired by Dr. Sunish K.S, Assistant Professor, CMS College, Kottayam. Day 1 ended with few paper presentations. In the second day (19th December), the session III was handled by Dr. Thomas Mathew, Director, Department of Bioscience, Marthoma College, Thiruvalla. He captured the attention of all with a talk on “Spectroscopy in Environmental Analysis.” This session was chaired by Dr. Jayakumar Karthikeyan, Post Doctoral Fellow, and Centre for Material Science and Nanotechnology, University of Oslo, Norway. This session was followed by oral presentations of faculty from various colleges, researchers and students. In this seminar was enriched with 13 oral presentations which enlightened and widened the knowledge of all those who attended. The valedictory function was brightened with the presence of Dr. Suresh Mathew former Director of School of Chemical Science M.G University Kottayam. He released the proceedings of the seminar and inaugurated the add-on course of the Dept. of Chemistry on “Course on Analytical Methods and Instrumentation”.  

Competitions Conducted by the Department
Various competitions are conducted by the Dept. under chemistry association. Talented students are send to competitions conducted by different institutions and organizations.
Seminar on “Importance of Chemistry In Our Daily Life”
A seminar on “IMPORTANCE OF CHEMISTRY IN OUR DAILY LIFE” was conducted by Prof. Elizabeth Lukose , which was organised by Kerala state council for Science technology & environment and SEED in connection with the science day on Jan.2011
Extension Activities
Other activities conducted are :

Preparation of Detergent Powder.

Free Tutions for School Students by Our Students.

Analysis of Water Collected from Tsunami Affected Areas.

Inter Collegiate Debate Competition in connection with Golden Jubilee Calibrations

Demonstration Cum Exhibition for High School Students.

Vincent-De-Paul Society.

Parent Teacher Association.

National seminar on “Chemical Aspects of Biodiversity”
Organized by the dept. was a great event in the history of our academic pursuit.Resource persons :

Dr. S. Parthasarathy, Head,Dept.of BioInformatics , Bharathidasan University, Thiruchirappalli (T.N).

Dr.K.G.Padmakumar,Asso.Director of Research station, Kumarakam

Dr.C.C.Harilal Lect.Dept.of Botany,Uty.of Calicut.

Dr.Punnen Kurian Director,Tropical Institute of Ecological Sciences .

“Characterisation of Humic acid” published in Environmental Science and Technology ,Aug 2010 by Dr .(Sr)Janat Augustine.k and

“Synthesis,Characterization and Thermal studies of some Iron(III) complexes of o-vanillin oxime” published in Journal of thermal analysis and calorimetry by Elizabeth Lukose.

Seminars on-

Menaceof alcoholism and the strategies to compat the evil held at St.Terasa’s College Ernakulam attended by Roseline P.J.

Mentoring(S.B.College, held at Changanassery , attended by Jollyamma.A )

Medicinal plants and pharmacopia held at M.S.M.College ,Kayamkulam,attended by Elizabeth Lukose

Open sourse drug designing held at SreeBudha College,Patur attended by Rita Rani.J.

National Seminars
Seminars on Recent developments in polymer science held at St.Mary’s College,Thrissur attended by Valsamma George and

Women empowerment,held at S.D. College, Alappuzha was attended by Jollyamma.A.

International Seminar
Seminar on Greenpath to sustainability, prospects and challenges held at Assumption College Changanassery attended by Jollyamma Abraham & Marykutty.T.M .
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2017 27 81.48 2 15 3 0 5 2 0 0 0
2016 25 68 2 6 4 0 8 0 0 0 0
2015 26 92.31 4 7 0 0 2 0 11 2 0
2014 24 95.83 1 10 2 0 1 0 5 5 0
2013 25 80 0 10 0 0 5 0 7 3 0

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