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Department of Malayalam

History of Department

             Study of languages is an essential part of the education system. Each student should be competent enough in the use of fluent and correct language and should get the opportunity to go through outstanding literary works. Since St.Joseph’s College started functioning in 1954 with 142 students, Malayalam remain to be one of the additional languages. Smt.Earnestine Jose was appointed as Lecturer in Malayalam and she served as the Head of the Department of Malayalam for eighteen years. As the college was upgraded in 1956 and the workload increased, Smt. Rosey M.A was also appointed as a Lecturer in Malayalam. In 1965 Smt. Rosey resigned her post and left the college due to personal inconvenience. Smt.Molly Kunjacko and Smt.Alice served in the department for short periods.

In 1968 Smt.Mollykutty Joseph was appointed and she served the college for long 34 years. In 1971 Prof, Earnestine Jose retired and Smt. Mollykutty Joseph took up the charge of the head of the department. In 1974 Miss.Lilamma Abraham was appointed as Junior lecturer. At that time there were two batches each for first year and second year degree course and two batches for Pre-Degree. In the academic year 1979-80 the shift system was introduced in the colleges of Kerala. The strength of the students increased highly and many new teachers were appointed in all subjects. Smt.Pushpavally.N (1979) and Smt.R.Indira Bai (1980) were the newly appointed members in the department of Malayalam. During that period there were five batches each in first and second year degree courses.

            As the shift system was withdrawn, there was a slight decrease in the workload. In the year 2000 Pre-Degree course was completely de-linked. At present there are three batches each for first and second year B.A / B.Sc and one batch for first year B.Com. In 2000 Smt.Mollykutty Joseph retired and Smt.Lilamma Abraham took up the charge of the head of the department. She continue that position till 2005. That was the ban period for new appointment. So Smt.Rejimol Jose was appointed as Guest Lecturer. After the retirement of Smt.Lilamma Abraham, Smt.Rejimol and Smt.Sophia was served as Guest Lecturers. In 2005 September fresh appointment was done. Dr.P.S Jothilekshmi and Smt.Rejimol Jose took charge as lecturers. Head of the Department is Dr.Jothilekshmi. In 2009 Smt.Rejimol Jose started her research under FIP scheme and relieved her duties as lecturer. Smt.Maria Paul was appointed as FIP substitute in 2009. In present situation Dr.P.S.Jothilekshmi and Smt.Maria Paul are rendering their duties in Dept. of Malayalam. After completing her Ph.D Smt.Rejimol. Jose rejoined  the department on June 2012.  In 2016 July, Smt. Rejimol Jose awarded Ph.D.  Dr.P.S.Jothilekshmi and Dr. Rejimol jose are the present faculty members.


Department of Malayalam has the number of Alumnae. Some of them are got their higher degree in Malayalam Language and Literature.Some of the alumnae   occupy as University/ College  Asst/Associate Professors, journalists and other literary field. The Known personalities like Sudhakutty (writer and Director ,Rtd, Public Relations Department) , Saranya Mohan (Dancer, Cine artist), Bichu X.Malayil (Campous Director, SSSU,Thuravoor), Sisy Jacob(Journalist), Adila Kabeer(Poet),Keerthy  Raju (Thaicondo Trainer) are  few of noted alumnae.


BA/BSc. Additional Language


B.Com Additional Language 


BCE  Additional Language 



Every year , Department of Malayalam conducts Cultural activities, Literary activities,Socially committed activities etc. Under the banner of Sargavedi , the Malayalam Association , Department of Malayalam conducts several activities like Day observations  - Reading Week , Keralappiravi, (Malayala  Dinaghosham  Bharana Bhasha Varaghosham , Mathrubhashadinam  etc. Commomorations – Vayalar, Thakazhy, Basheer , Uroob, Madhavikutty etc. , Seminars, Workshops, Demonstration  Classes for introducig Art forms Classical as well as Folk Arts , Drama Fest Film Fest  etc.  Our prestigious activities are Folklore Club, the  club for promoting Folk arts & Culture affiliated to Kerala Folklore Academy. And the Aksharasthree Unit , uder the initiative of Aksharasthree, Kottayam, a women iitiative for promoting creativity and writtings of women.  Jail Visit and formation of libray, donation of books for village library, Visit  to orphanage, special school  etc are our social activities. 






·         Three Days National Seminar On Theyyam Kalayum Anushtanavum

·         Literary  Seminar - Present Malayalam Literature (Nehru Trophy Boat Race)

·         Various Student Support Programmes (Natanpattu Parisheelanam, Writers Forum)

·         Awards And Achievements Of Students (Mareechika,Marsham)

·         Students Various Programmes Recorded In All India Radio –Yuvavani 

·         Promotes Creative Writing -Writers Forum –In Collaboration With Aksarasthree (Women Writrers Forum)

·         International Gender Film Festival


Departmet has a referen ce and reading  ibrary of  around   700 books and some  periodicals. We have also an audiovisual library including several  art and commercial films and documentaries.


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Department Of Hindi

The Department of Hindi, started functioning in 1954, by the teaching of Hindi as a second language in Pre-University level. In 1956, the college was upgraded and Hindi continued to be the second language in the degree level also. During the first few years, Smt.Lilly, Smt.Thankammal and Smt.Jayalekshmy served the college, temporarily. Later Smt. Padmini Devi and Smt.Rajamma. J, joined the department. Smt.Padmini Devi, rendered her valuable services as the Head of the Department till 1980. After that the Department was under the efficient leadership and guidance of Smt. J. Rajamma till 1992. Later Dr. K.V. Saraswathy took charge of the department till 2010. Smt. P. Usha Devi has also made her contribution to the department as a lecturer till 2000. In the year 2010, Dr Chithra NR took charge as the HOD and Dr Sophia Mathew as her collegue. Both the teachers brought a rare distinction in the teaching of Hindi. Dr Sophia Mathew got retired from the college in 2015 and Dr Chithra NR in the year 2016. Dr Blessy V joined the Department as a guest lecturer in the year 2015. Smt Bijimol PB rendered her service as a guest faculty for the year 2016. Later on Dr Mary Ria Dcouth joined the department in the year 2017. Now the department is run under the guidance of Dr Blessy V and Dr Mary Ria Dcouth, both serving as guest lecturers.


Department Of French

"Lire c'est rêver les yeux ouverts" - Victor Hugo

French is the second most widely learned foreign language after English.Hence the department of French stands proud in being a partner of this world language. The Department of French commenced in the year 1956 with Rev. M. Olive Rodrigues. She was the second principle of the college. She served both as principal and as a faculty of French for 23 long years. The Department was lucky to receive the services of distinguished Professors who followed later – Ms. Elizabeth(1980-1983), Ms. Lyla das(1984-1986), Ms. Ester Renjini(1987-1991), Ms. Treasa(1989-1992)and Smt. Mary Geetha Leon(1993-2015). The present French Faculty is Ms. Anna Jacquiline.


  • To familiarize the students with a modern foreign language.
  • To familiarize the students with French for basic communication and functions in everyday situations.
  • To train the students in translation skills from french to English and vice-vera.
  • To introduce the students to the world of French Literature.
  • To familiarize the students with the French culture and civilization.



The French students are give oppertunities to listen to audio C.D with conversation in French and songs in French. Internet facilities are also used to make learn French interesting. The students enjoed French Films, images of Monuments, places, important Personalities in connection with the learning of French.



 Every Year the Department of French celebrating La fêtê national. The students learned The French national Anthem Marseilles and conducted many competition in French .

  • Every Year St.Teresa's College conducted a La fêtê francophonie.The Students participated many competitions like Salad making, Singing competition in French, Dance competition in french song ect..
  • Every Year Alliance Française organised Singing competition in French. 
Sargavedi Inauguration 2012

Activities of Sargavedi 2012 is inaugurating Sri P.K.Shaji9writer, Social Activist and Teacher)

Cultural Activity - Workshop on Thullal, October 2014

The department conducted a workshop on Thullal which was conducted by the Thullal maestro Ambalapuzha Suresh Varma.

Pre-Test By D.B.H.P. Sabha, Eranakulam
For the last 30 years our students have been participating in the Hindi -Pre-Test conducted by Dakshin Bharath Hindi Prachar Sabha, Eranakulam . They succeed in this exam with great distinction and few of them get ranks also. Most of the years our department receive the trophy for making the maximum number of students participate in the Pre-Test
Regular seminars are conducted for the Students regarding their topics included in the syllabus. Eminent resource persons from outside colleges and universities are invited for the same.
Every year the department observe Reading week zealously from June 19th to June 25th. Students are motivated for general reading. Reading Competitions and a Book-Review Competition is also conducted for them during this week.
Every year Hindi Sahithya Manch conduct competitions like Elocution, Teaching , Quiz, Short story, Versification, Essay writing, Group song, Hindi light music, Letter-Writing , Poetry Writing, Hindi News Reading for students. Our students used to take part in the Literary competitions conducted by Kerala Hindi Prachar Sabha(Alappuzha) and Gandhi Smaraka Seva Kendram(Mararikkulam) in connection with Hindi week celebrations
Every year Hindi week is observed from Sept. 14th to 21st. Various cultural and literary competitions in Hindi are held for the students as well as the teaching and administrative staff. Charts, Posters and Banners are displayed in various parts of the college to promote and popularize Hindi. Various literary competitions are also conducted for the students during this time.
An association of the Hindi students and teachers Hindi Sahithya Manch was formed in September 2000. Dr Ramalinga Iyer, Retired Professor in Hindi, S.D College Alappuzha inaugurated the Sahithya Manch . All the Hindi students are members of it. Under the auspices of the Sahithya Manch many activities are conducted in the department.
Year Students Pass % A B C D E A + B + C + D +

Dr. P.S. Jothilekshmi is a research Guide of Mahatma Gandhi University snce 2010.

Department of Malayalam is a full Ph.D Department. Faculty members Dr.P.S.Jothilekshmi and Dr. Rejimol Jose  have Ph.D Degree.



Name of Principal Imvestigator :Dr .P.S. Jothilekshmi

Duration of Project : 2 Years( 1-7-2012 - 30-6-2014)

Name of the research project :A WOMEN LEXICON IM MALAYALAM

Amount Fund received : 6,49,800.00

Name of Fundig agency : UGC

Year of sacnction : 2012


Our students  took part the project Kuttanadu Heritage Survey by  Cetre for Heritage studies, Miistry of Cultural Affairs, Govt. of Kerala.

 As part of their curriculum Our students take and submit different projects on Society and Culture of Alappuzha and other cotemporary issues.


Two documentaries were produced by Students.



Indian Association of Teachers of French conducted  national level recipe competition in French on 15th September 2017 on the topic French salad  ‘touch’ using beetroots . 2Students participated and they won the 3rd prize in the category2. ALEESHA BABU and ANDRIYA ANTONY FRANANDEZ are Prize winners.


Indian Association of Teachers of French conducted  national level quiz competieion in French on 30th August 2017 on the topic French cuisine. 4 Students participated and 2 students won the 1st prize in the category2. ALEESHA BABU and JEBEEN THAHIR are Prize winners.

UNESCO Conducted International Poetry Competition in French on 20th May 2017 on the topic Des mots pour notre Terre. CINCYMOL VARGHES  won the 5th prize in the category 19-25 age level. 451Candidates participated from 37 countries and she is the only one who won from India. She was trained under  the guidance of Smt. Mary Geetha Leon (Asso.Professor, French).

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